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Project 365: Mar. 20, 2011

Quiet dinner at Souen Organic Ramen - best in town, hands down.


Project 365: Mar. 19, 2011

Playing New York tour guide - trying my hardest to prove to ma and pa that there’s more to this city than filth and mean people.


Project 365: Mar. 18, 2011

The big 24.


Project 365: Mar. 14 - Mar. 17, 2011

off to work an hour early…no easy feat after daylight savings. a bath after a sad excuse for a day. heightened security in the hood. early birthday love at work - daffodils and vegan cupcakes.


a fan-edited lykke li video.



Project 365: Day 212: Mar. 13, 2011

First run of the year - made it 3.35 miles around Prospect Park.


Project 365: Mar. 7 - Mar. 12, 2011

Lucky train transfers. now I remember why I hate uptown…but, the comedy was good. laundry with a little thai in between. another never half-assed rain storm. stone at 10 degrees. attempting backyard cleanup - outside weather preparation. beers by the fire, anyone?


Project 365: Mar. 1 - Mar. 6, 2011

Angelica’s norimaki…I am officially foursqaure mayor. lunch & cappuccinos with friends at ciao for now. scenic lunch time stroll. Lovely new rug. saturday’s at the grand army farmer’s market - first taste of spring. birds on a wire and old photos.


Project 365: Feb. 13 - Feb. 28, 2011

new threads. v-day…more like treat myself to lunch day. better late than never. watching emily sing, finally. angelica’s special norimaki takes the cake for favorite lunch. checking out v-spot in park slope. enjoyed a very spicy bloody mary from flatbush farm. the wall of singer sewing machines at all saints. late night laundry, least favorite activity. raw lunch & hot cider. tea and the times. happy hour caipirinhas. the way you feel after a night of caipirinhas. hello gym, it’s been awhile. the yawning sink tiger that lurks in the bathroom.


Project 365: Jan. 28 - Feb. 12, 2011

hodgepodge of photo apps…

new friends & two for ones at 10 degrees. snowy leftovers. alone at the studio. having a go at almond milk. brazilian rum bottle concepting. blurry afternoons. health is wealth salad. friday night at the vanderbilt. curry cookin. sunday brunch next to steve buscemi and stanley tucci. the little bed monster. naked boys…sigur ros vinyl. subway boy band. sick day & smiles from arwyn. one drink too many at our housewarming. veggie temporah sushi is heaven.


Project 356: Jan. 12 - Jan. 27, 2011

sunny days after heavy snow. charlie, the human wannabe. yellow water flowers & thai lunch. soy cappuccino at brooklyn brunch. layering up, even inside. experimenting with raw recipes: “tuna” salad. first time at Fairway. embarking on a 6 day cleanse with BR. home-made cashew milk smoothie. surviving raw day 2. juice and only juice for 24 hours. nut milk, batch 2. john witherow’s cd release. lemon chickpea soup. discovering instagram. secret bar, enter through the phone booth in the hot dog shop. umbrellas are not just for rain. the second great blizzard…19 inches.



“My staff tells me my new hat has made me mad with power. I disagree.” - Conan

(Source: sawley)


Project 365: Dec. 27, 2010 - Jan. 11, 2011

self sugaring. home with the horses. embracing my inner couch potato. glammed up. home-made pizza and new year’s day football. remnants of a snowpocalypse. Moroccan tea and birthday lunching. raw, veggie sandwiches. the pearly king finds his place on my wall. treating myself to one too many lunches. snowy morning sidewalks. sanded, painted, and assembled…that bed nearly killed me.


Slick moves, Thom Yorke.
Fantastique…in fact, I could watch it over and over.

Album available today, which like…made my year.
Purchase here.


Project 365: Dec. 11 - Dec. 26, 2010

Making things homey, winter setting in, having a back “yard” and seeing the first snow (…certainly not the last), hanging behind secret mirrors, winding down with my drink of choice, cooking with slim pickings from the winter farmer’s market, lighting the Arctic-cold living room, shopping till I drop for those warm clothes, hot toddies and Christmas lunch with clark|mcdowall, Christmas with family, and cooking with the super-vegan!

Phew, only one more month of photos to post!
(pssst…all my sneak peeks are on flickr)

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